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What we need from the openSUSE Build Service to migrate our build system.


IRC notifications

Our current build software sends notifications when builds start and finish (including the status) to our packman development IRC channel on freenode.

Email notifications

Packagers who submit builds are currently notified of success and failure by email, including the build log in case of a failure.

Build cycles

Trigger builds on specific distributions/architectures

As we only have a single (albeit powerful) server to perform the builds, we need fine granularity when we trigger build jobs. Currently, we can specify on which architectures and distributions to build, e.g.

 pm-upload-job 11.0 10.3

(which would trigger a rebuild on openSUSE 11.0 and 10.3, but not on the other distributions)

Package publishing


Instead of pushing successful builds to an FTP tree directly, the build server has to rsync successful builds (binary RPMs + source RPM) to another server and trigger a script there (using ssh). That script then analyzes the uploaded package tree (no additional metadata required), updates the packman website's database and moves the files into the master FTP tree, deletes old builds, etc…

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