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Some info about the x264 updates


As you all may have already noticed, x264 updates often force you to rebuild all packages which depend on it since the release number (so.XX) changes frequently and the packages depend on this exact number. Sometimes API may change, and a program must be patched then before rebuild (or updated) Since many packages already depend on x264 rebuilding them all is a hassle so be prepared to it when you want to update x264. You have been warned.

Dependency list

This has been already asked three or four times on the mailing list, I'll try to keep the list of packages which depend on x264 as complete as possible.

So, here are the packages:

  • MPlayer
  • ffmpeg/libffmpeg0
  • mpeg4ip
  • vlc
  • avidemux
  • kino
  • cinelerra
  • OpenMovieEditor
  • gmerlin-avdecoder

Notes on building some packages

  • In order to build Cinelerra with OpenGL support you have to work around a Mesa bug by installing the NVidia driver into the chroot. There was another solution that involved recompiling Mesa but I don't remember it anymore. I didn't get any complaints from ATI/Mesa users that Cinelerra built this way didn't work on other drivers that NVidia's though.
  • Manfred likes updating ffmpeg frequently, so let him know if you update x264.
  • Do NOT remove the old x264 packages unless you recompiled and uploaded all dependencies, because else there will be unresolvable dependencies! Watch out since tools like newer packmanrobot remove the old files!
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