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Some info about the recompile of Packman packages on PPC

This documents provides information about the recompile of Packman packages on the PPC platform, and also serves as a reminder for me (CzP) about what works, what is problematic, what does compile at all for different reasons.


All compiles are currently done on an Open Desktop Workstation ( ), a small but powerfull machine built for PPC enthusiasts.


Currently all builds are done using SUSE Linux 10.1 as base OS, and y2pmbuild is used for compiling packages. This means, that source SPEC files often need some manual editing to get the package to compile. As most packagers use custom built scripts and need to support ancient versions of SUSE Linux (PPC version of SUSE is a very recent addition), I can't really force my patches on others. For this reason, I still do not integrate my packages into the Packman website as many of my source rpms are different from the 'official' ones.

Fails to compile

  • aqbanking ( required by: hbci4java4cpp kmymoney qbankmanager )
  • fox16 (required by: rezound )
  • gephex - seems to have broken Altivec optimizations

Not compiled on PPC for various reasons

  • divx4linux & divx are x86 binary only packages
  • emovix is x86 binary only
  • Haskel would require some heavy bootstraping on PPC, so the following packages are not compiled:
    • alex
    • darcs
    • ghc
    • haddock
    • happy
  • Java applications:
    • ProjectX
    • rssowl
    • jgoodies-forms
    • jgoodies-looks
    • antsnest
    • laf-plugin
    • JHymn
    • videomaker
    • jlscp
    • juife
    • JSampler
    • entagged-audioformats
    • entagged-tageditor
    • GuitarCodexPlus
    • frinika
    • and many more, I gave up noting all of them here…
  • (required only by libxine1, but that does not compile with it)
  • rar is x86 binary only
    • Video-DVDRip depends on rar
  • tora needs an installed Oracle to compile…
  • Win32-Codecs works only on x86
  • asm is C source (can't be fixed by me…)
    • Twindy
    • gavl (depending packages: gmerlin* OpenMovieEditor gnusound)
    • mx44
    • Cinelerra
  • i386 optimizations in source Makefiles (could be fixed later by patching Makefiles)
    • soundtouch (required by: aqualung DJPlay ggseq mixxx rezound wired yatm prokyon3)
    • jtrigger
    • MuSE
    • sonic-visualiser
  • needs sys/io.h (which is i386 specific)
    • zinf (compiles fine, if rio support is disabled)
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