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User Preferences

Users should be able to set a number of preferences. Note that it should have no impact on the database whatsoever: the preferences will be stored as cookies on the users' browsers.


Users can determine what distribution(s) they are using and, hence, interested in. That information will then be used as a filter to display packages (only show the packages for that distribution version). Note that they must be able to select more than once. A note should also be displayed when they have that filter enabled, on pages that are affected by that filter.

Language Detection

<strike> The site is fully I18N. Localization of messages is accomplished using gettext and the gettext module for PHP. Currently, it works fine when users select their language using the flag icons. That preference is stored as a cookie. </strike>

DONE 2005-04-16 loki


<strike> When users don't explicitly select a language (which is sent to the site using the aforementioned cookie), we should try to autodetect what language they should see the interface in, using the language preferences they stored in their browser. </strike>

DONE 2005-04-16 loki

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