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 +======  Access  ======
 +First of all, you need access to the Packman Subversion repository.
 +Send an email to the Packman mailing-list (packman*a*t*links2linux*d*o*t*org) to do so.
 +======  Installing the tools  ======
 +Check out the pm-upload-job directory somewhere in your HOME, e.g.:
 +  mkdir -p ~/src/projects/packman
 +  cd ~/src/projects/packman
 +  svn co svn+ssh://</code>
 +Create symbolic links to <tt>pm-upload-job</tt>, <tt>pm-queue</tt> and <tt>pm-log</tt> in your <tt>$HOME/bin</tt>>
 +  cd ~/src/projects/packman/pm-upload_job
 +  for x in pm-upload-job pm-queue pm-log; do ln -s $PWD/$x ~/bin/; done</code>
 +======  Configuration  ======
 +Create a configuration file <tt>~/.pmbsrc</tt> and add the following content:
 +  [[packager]]
 +  name = Firstname Lastname
 +  email =
 +  [[notification]]
 +  email = yes</code>
 +The Packman tools you've just checked out all use the host name "pmbs" for SSH operations.
 +Hence, add it as an alias in your SSH configuration:
 +  mkdir -p -m 0700 ~/.ssh
 +  cat<<EOF >> ~/.ssh/config
 +  Host pmbs
 +    User=USERNAME
 +    HostName
 +  EOF</code>
 +Furthermore, you **must** use pubkey authentication when SSH'ing to or
 +If you don't have an SSH public/private key pair already (or if you want to use another one):
 +  ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024</code>
 +You may use a passphrase (which is a lot more secure) but all Packman tools require batched operation, which means you'll have to use <tt>ssh-agent</tt> to only enter your passphrase once.
 +To copy your public SSH key to both servers, proceed as follows:
 +  ssh-copy-id pmbs
 +  ssh-copy-id</code>
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