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Conflicting package Packman maintainer
k3b rainer
(k)dar herbert
dvd+rw-tools rainer
lame henne
kmobiletools quentin
xchat quentin
(lib)musepack quentin
knemo herbert
kolourpaint herbert
gtk-qt-engine herbert
fame manfred
curl manfred
libtheora manfred
ffmpeg manfred
xvid/xvidcore manfred
baghira manfred
imlib2 manfred
libfame manfred

Conflicts with other (suser-)packagers

{| border=“1” cellpadding=“2” ! Conflicting package !! Other maintainer !! Packman maintainer !! which spec to keep

htop oc2pus guru

solved, as oc2pus has merged with packman, the future htop packages will be maintained by Pascal

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